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Your kitchen is doubtlessly an area of your house where a lot of activity goes on and a lot of heat is created. The kitchen of a house undergoes maximum wear and tear and so, it needs repair from time to time. A kitchen renovation is therefore necessary in order to keep your kitchen functional to a maximum extent. Here are some practical tips that will help you with that.1. Think of FunctionalityUsually, when people think of making their kitchen more open and airy, they tend to keep a wider space between two elements. But as per the pros, this is not functional. How can it be when you’ll have to walk 15 feet to reach your range from your fridge?

A good solution to fix this is to form an equivalent triangle between your fridge, range, and sink. These are three points which you have to keep visiting often while working. In addition, it’s also practical to keep the light fixtures low-hanging so as to be easily accessible.2. IlluminationDuring your kitchen redesign, the correct arrangement of lights is very important. Experts recommend having surface-mount fixtures connected to your ceiling on a grid so that the bulb is lower than the ceiling’s height and gives a more even light and looks very beautiful. Hanging bigger light fixtures over islands is also a good idea because it’s another decorative as well as functional opportunity. Having some under-cabinet lighting is also important because the light falling on the countertop can be blocked by your cabinets. 3. SinksEven if it’s about compact fridge Suppliers a small kitchen remodel, it’s advisable to have sinks that are broad and deep. And the most important part of your sink is the faucet. Separate knobs for cold and hot water can be a real pain.


You should be able to flip back and forth quickly with a pan to be washed in one of your hands. You should also think about your dishwasher which should be on the sink’s right because you are supposed to be right-handed. But if you are left-handed, it should be obvious to the left.Your counter space should also be to the right of your sink so that you won’t have to balance all your pots, pans and dishes along with your delicate wine glasses in one sink.4. Consider Your StoveYour stove is the most important element of your kitchen and should be redesigned on a priority basis. Choose among the various styles and colors available and also consider getting a hood for it.Use these tips to renovate your kitchen and enjoy working in a space that is more functional and practical.